Monday, May 16, 2011

Right now.

[this post was up last week, but lost in the great Google/Blogger crash of 2011 last week.  found it in my drafts today.]

In no particular order.

LIFE  |  Seems like at the same time: moving very fast & going very slow.  Not driving at all for a few weeks slows the pace of everything.  Today, Mom came down to take us to daily Mass, which I have really missed over the past two weeks.  And of course, everyone was ready to go when she got here.  Until I realized that John Paul's newborn car seat was safely tucked away in Jonathan's 4runner.  At court, in Olympia.  There were some tears shed as all of our plans changed.  I really wish the farm had it's own church.  And a grocery store.  Or at least a milk cow. 

And at the same time, John Paul and Thomas both feel like they are growing and growing up, respectively, so much each day. 

QUOTABLES  |  From Thomas today. 

Thomas:  BearBearMom? (his nickname for Grandma)  Please cut apple for me?
Grandma:  Sure, honey.  (Procures requested apple, peeled and sliced)
Thomas, engrossed in Mater's Tall Tales on DVD, does not turn around:  Thanks.
Mommy:   Please turn around to say 'thanks' to Grandma.
Thomas, after turning around:  Thanks for the apple!
Mommy (sarcastically, to Grandma):  I think he was first saying 'thanks to the wall', you know, because the wall prepared his apple.
Thomas, while not turning around:  Thanks to the wall.

FROZEN LASAGNA  |  Learned that it does not thaw after 30 hours in the fridge.  About to set fire to it to get it to finish cooking.  It's so good: turkey lasagna with cottage cheese whirled in the VitaMix to resemble ricotta, but cheaper and healthier, with low-carb pasta sheets.  But it's not as good when the center is still 29°.

THE BREAST PUMP  |  Thomas's favorite toy right now.  Seriously.  Especially when I am using it.  He likes to change all the settings and turn it on and off and on and off.  Not as fun as one would think, if you are said person using the pump at the time. 

NCIS  |  Loved, loved, loved the episode last night.  Even if I was in tears when I figured out who had died.  One of the most well-written episodes I've seen.  Sad that it was also the writer's swan song as well. 

CATCHING UP  |  I turned on my Microsoft Outlook the other day and it was overwhelming.  Hundreds of emails and stuff to catch up on.  I turned it off and turned on NCIS.  Still haven't gone through emails and have 1000+ items in my Google Reader.  And that's OK.  I'm online when I can be, and totally soaking up a disconnect when I'm not online.  I'll get caught up.  With voicemails too.  Sometime soon.

THE OLDER BROTHER  |  He is adjusting well to his little brother.  I loved walking out to the living room today after laying 1.0 down for his nap to find a sleeping Wee Ski 2.0, with Tickle Me Elmo next to him.  John Paul came home from the hospital with two presents for his older brother: a new Lightning McQueen chair and Tickle Me Elmo.  And Thomas is sharing one of those favorite things.  He gives John Paul kisses and hugs and asks him lots of questions.  And then takes his little brother's pucky for his own.

ADDENDUM TO THE FROZEN LASAGNA  |  After what seemed like an eternity (more like an hour and a half), the lasagna finished baking.  Tasty delicious, even if we all actually aged while waiting for it.

CRAVINGS  |  Milk.  Then chocolate.  In that order.

SLEEP  |  Quite well, though I am exhausted right now from today and plan on heading to bed after feeding John Paul.  He eats around 7 pm, goes to sleep, I wake him around 10ish to eat, and he sleeps until 2:30ish when he eats again.  Again around 5:30 or 6, when I am getting up anyway.  Much easier this go around than with Thomas.

PRAYERS NEEDED  |  Right now, with the boys' pediatrician.  Getting a bit of the runaround on a few things and advice that isn't the best (backed up by the views of the peds at St. Joe's), and it's causing some major irritation on my part as we settle into nursing and John Paul continues to learn about how to eat and grow.  Please pray that this gets resolved sooner rather than later.  :)

HIS BIRTH STORY  |  Coming soon.  Loving that the boys both sleep for a few hours at the same time in the afternoon...taking advantage of it while it lasts.  Should be up in the next day or so!  :)

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