Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Newest Wee-est 2011 Grand Club Member

John Paul went to his first Relay For Life of Thurston County meeting tonight at 22 days old.  He beat his brother, who attended his first Relay meeting at 54 days old...but that was a Great West Division meeting.  So they both hold their own records - one for a local meeting, one for the division.  :)

He got the best Relay baby surprise EVER tonight.  John Paul qualified for the Grand Club with our family (we all got our tees tonight)...and our amazing staff partner Janell ordered the smallest size for Thomas, and a second one for John Paul.  She then customized the tee BY HAND into a newborn sized onesie, complete with snaps on the legs!  So thoughtful and an awesome surprise after being "out of the loop" for a few weeks!

The first photo is his best "CANCER SUCKS" face, followed by a shot of the back while being held by Papa. 

Both boys will be sporting their Grand Club shirts at the end of June at our event!


KCina said...

I'm still smiling about this....If I wasn't helping at CPS-3 in Hillsboro the same weekend as your Relay, we would totally be making a road trip!

~ Kathy & Charlie

Tai said...


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