Saturday, April 30, 2011

My sweet little sicky.

Friday was a big day.

We went back up to see Dr. McMahon, hopeful for good news about labor progressing.  And we learned that we were at the exact same point as we were on Wednesday -- just a centimeter dilated.

So we started to look ahead and discuss the different options if things didn't progress (felt like déjà vu from Thomas's birth).  It wasn't my favorite conversation of the day, but there's something incredibly awesome about being able to share your fears and concerns and faith with your doctor, and she can discuss them with you in light of what God's plan is, versus what I want it to be.  :)

We tried to run a few errands afterwards, only to have Thomas experience his biggest meltdown TO DATE inside the Nordstrom Rack.  Humility, you have not escaped me!

A short few minutes later, he was sound asleep for the 90 minute drive home.  He slept for 3 1/2 more hours when we got home, and woke up with a 102° fever. 

I'll tell you -- he can be a MAJOR pill when he's upset, but when he's sick, Jonathan and I actually fight over who gets to take care of him.  He's so snuggly and cuddly and agreeable and heartwarming.  So Jonathan and I tag teamed him as ate dinner and he finally ended up in his sling so we could both eat as he slept.  He got my favorite "feel better juice" of 50% orange juice/50% sprite.  And then we both religiously washed our hands just in case it was contagious. 

Thomas slept for another 12 hours and woke up this morning, feeling 150% better.

And you know when he's feeling good -- his food request list is a mile long.  Smoobies?  Apple?  Burgas?  Cheese?  Fries?  Juice?  And if you don't give him enough, he just climbs up to the cabinet and helps himself. 

We're all feeling good today after Jonathan slept in, and I got a ton of stuff done before the boys woke up. 

And yes, in the photo above, that would be my innie-turned-outie-belly-button under my shirt.   

I do SO love Thomas pointing that out every. single. time. he. sees. it.  :)

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