Monday, February 28, 2011

Small Successes: The I Really Need to Focus on Successes Otherwise I'll Blow Up The World Edition

It's not even Thursday yet, and I'm going to pull together a few 'small successes', so I don't go crazy.

What's hard for me to believe is that when I left corporate America, I never experience "a case of the Mondays" anymore. Sunday nights that I used to dread a 4:30 wake up, and 5:00 on the road scenario?  Doesn't exist anymore. My commute at 5 am involves putting on slippers, making cocoa, and heading into my home office.  Totally different world.

But today?  Today, I have a 'case of the Mondays'.

So here's my successes.
  • I finished cleaning out our bedroom.
    Which, to many, seems inconsequential.  However, it's been a 3 year long project of cleaning out drawers, shelves, painting, giving away clothes (mostly mine), and cleaning things out. For the first time in probably 6 years, there are no extra boxes in the bedroom, nothing stacked on the treadmill (which is an excellent deterrent to using it, BTW), and it's a functional room.  Drawers have neatly folded clothes, everything has a place, and it is HEAVENLY.  The only basket left that still has a "project"?  The basket with the new curtains that I bought just after Christmas.  I still need to paint the trim and hang the curtain rods.  Oh, and I still need to buy the curtain rods.  Details.
  • I didn't go bananas on the printing company that has given me the WORST SERVICE EVER.
    Finian Road does a great deal of business with them, and with the snow delays, no one is taking responsibility for tracking down the missing shipments with UPS.  I've never had problems with this particular company, and it's incredibly frustrating.  I'm waiting for it to get resolved before going postal on the web...but trust me, if no one steps up, I may go nuts.  I just haven't YET.
  • I packaged up my first Etsy order for shipment!
    And what's more awesome?  It was the most expensive item in the store! Sweet awesomeness for breaking that first barrier.  :)  And no, I won't be shipping it via UPS.
Maybe to fix my case of the Mondays, I just need to find a fax machine. 

I have the field and baseball bat covered.


Anonymous said...

This may well be my favorite posting title you've ever had! i have had two of those sort of days in a row now...

Unknown said...

lol! I can totally see you going crazy on the fax machine pregnant lady "Office Space" style! Thank you for the laugh Shelley!

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