Friday, February 11, 2011

The newest member of the family.

Meet Paul the Doll.

Since Thomas can simultaneously kiss my belly ("hi baby!") and sit down on it while bouncing up and down, we are hoping that a baby doll will help him learn a little more gentleness in his typical boy way.

The anatomically correct Paul has been given several other names by Jonathan, who is not a fan of boy baby dolls.  Among them?  Dave the Dumpsterdiver, Travis the Trashmaster.

Thomas loves that the Paul the Doll has his own pucky.  Sometimes Thomas takes it for himself, sometimes he lets Paul have it.  So far, Thomas totes him around by one leg, and points out all the body parts he knows.  We have had some pretty good laughs at the whole process.

Sometimes Thomas wants to know where Paul is, most of the time, he just sits him up on the couch and covers him with a blanky. They watch Sesame Street together. 

A little adjustment at a time, I'm thinking. 

The pucky is very serious business.

You have to make sure it goes in, just so. 

And Jonathan loves when Thomas points out Paul's "eyes" by gouging them out because they won't stay shut unless the doll is laying down.

Better the doll's eyes than 2.0's eyes!

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