Saturday, February 26, 2011

Frozen chickens?

Icicles on the chicken run.

Thankfully, the eglu keeps the chickens warm at night, and the winter run cover (especially with snow on top) keeps the run relatively insulated from cold winds and snow. And because there's more light again, the chickens are back to laying.  Yea!

It's stayed cold here the past few days, so the snow is still powdery and light.  The snow started falling again today, and should fall into the night and through the early morning.

Stella came back up from Portland yesterday, so she took the back way to the house from Grand Mound and hung on the farm. We took the Wee Ski for a combination sled/walk.  He liked riding on the sled, pulling the sled, and finally passing the reins to us so we pulled it for him.  Stella got her marathon-training prep in by dragging him across the fields.  He was a happy boy indeed.

I do think this may be the only time you'll ever see Stella in non-designer boots.  Just saying.  You better soak it up.

We finished the evening with dessert first (yea!) of homemade straight-from-the-oven apple brown betty and baked chicken parmesan for dinner.  A night cap of watching Glee with Jonathan and Stella -- it's a little like Mystery Science Theater 3000 with all the commentary.  I love it when she comes home from Portland!!

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foxmulder said...

You mean those weren't Manolo Blahnik boots like you told me they were? I've been had!

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