Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A spotlight on...

My husband.

Who normally shuns the spotlight, unless, of course, he took out the diaper champ on his own without being asked. Then he turns a 15-million-watt Cabelas spotlight on himself for the next week and proclaims himself 'king of the farm'. :)

The Independent Colleges of Washington did a feature on him as an alumni in their 'hall of fame'.

I am so proud to be married to him. An excerpt is below, click the article to read the whole thing. :)

My favorite part?  The very last paragraph.  Emphasis mine.  :)
Washington invested in Jonathan Sprouffske. He graduated from two independent colleges at little cost to the state. He is a full-time lawyer, Thurston County Fire Commissioner, and former HECB appointee. He volunteers for Relay for Life raising funds for cancer research, and is the owner of the family Christmas tree farm in Rainier. And most important, a devoted husband and father. Jonathan Sprouffske exemplifies Washington's return on investment.

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Unknown said...

Nice article!!! I'm so glad I got to spend some time with Jonathan and get to know him a little better last fall. You've got a great husband Shelley! :-)

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