Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Wee Saga of Food Over 12 Hours

I give you dinner on Tuesday night and breakfast this morning.

I should preface all of this with Thomas's Tuesday morning.

Yesterday morning, he pulled the chair over to the fridge, opened it, climbed up, and pulled his apple juice out. Since he really gets water with an apple juice chaser (75% water/25% juice), he closed the fridge, held out his cup and juice bottle, and said simply "bubbles". "Bubbles" means water.

So I added juice and water and he was satisfied.

He came over to me at the kitchen counter and started to climb up onto the barstool. He then spilled his drink ALL OVER HIMSELF, starting at the top of his head, down his naked little back, and into his diaper.

So he got a bath. And his first deep conditioning treatment, because his curls are growing back and I'm vain like that.  But perhaps, after the combing the treatment through his hair, my description of what Sprouffskes use as conditioner wasn't specific enough.

Because this is what he did at dinner that night, with his banana yogurt.

A second deep conditioning treatment. Combed through with his fork all through his hair.  Supreme joy at how well he did in coating the top and back of his head.  He got his second bath of the day and headed to bed.

Fast forward to this morning.  He spotted the Cheezits box on top of the counter, and was thrilled that I was giving him cheezits for breakfast.  Except that I wasn't.  Because he was getting whole grain toast with goat cheese and a pear.

Evidently, this wasn't what he wanted.

Seriously?  No cheezits?
(My favorite part of this photo is his hair, sticking straight up)

Oh. So. Dramatic.  Cheezits!  Cheezits!  I don't care if there are starving children in Africa who would love my toast and goat cheese!  I want Cheezits!

Finally, he gave up. And he ate the toast, goat cheese and pear. 

With a few Cheezits crumbled on top as a garnish.

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Anonymous said...

what are you going to do with 2? I can't wait to see the blog!!! I'm also not sure who else is feeding their kid goat cheese and expecting them to eat it over cheez its. My kids favorite is sushi...but he won't each a sandwhich...what do I know!

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