Sunday, December 5, 2010

oh, cupcake

Seriously delish.

I made a stash of vanilla bean cupcakes for our open house tasty.  Thanks to the Pioneer Woman's Tasty Kitchen site, I found a fabulous vanilla cupcake recipe.  It made 30 slightly-smaller-than-standard cupcakes, so I needed a recipe-and-a-half of this tasty buttercream for frosting. 

My favorite ingredient?

Vanilla bean paste.  

It's what gives the tiny little flecks of vanilla in both the cake and the frosting.  I love that.

My not-so-helpful little Wee SkiBaker snagged two cupcakes right off the counter.  First one?  Trail of crumbs back to the living room.  Second one?  Right out there in the open, on the kitchen floor.   Grinning between every concentrated bite.

And I broke out my trio of cake plates for display.   YUM.

I didn't try one until late Saturday afternoon.

It was worth the wait.  :)

Definitely my go-to vanilla cupcake recipe now!!

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