Sunday, December 12, 2010

December Daily: Days 7 & 9

Two black & white days...featuring some of my favorite things: the Brownrices + Thomas. :)

On the 7th, I was so blessed to have Rich and Sandy down.  Thomas had some good time with his Grammy Brownrice, and Rich taught me how to do a handful of projects that I'd had on my "to do" list.  We needed extra copper wire for one of the projects, and Uncle Johnie and Uncle Jerry cautiously gave me a small stash from the tree house, trusting that I wasn't doing anything on my own.  :) 

Rich showed me how to rewire the front porch lights, so we swapped one of the 3 out for a new fixture.  I rewired the other two fixtures on Saturday morning, before heading over to the tree house.  I swapped out all the bulbs for the same CFL tint (bright white) and coming home last night was heavenly.  Bright, crisp light greeting me on the front porch. 

We feasted on chicken & veggie soup with cornmeal cake.  And finished off the last of the candy cane cake.  Tasty goodness all around.

And two pages of Thomas from December 9th.  I feel like every time I turn around, he is stepping on my toes asking for something. Some things he's learning how to get himself (some more amusing than others: the water from the automatic dispense in the fridge), some he still needs help with.

But he has an awesome little dance he does when he really really wants something, and that's the second page photo.  :)

The whole album can be found here.

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