Wednesday, October 13, 2010

12 of 12 • The Recovering Edition

This month's 12 of 12...we've been on the mend for a week now from major sinus infections, but I really wanted to capture the 12 of 12 today.  So I snapped 12 shots, and what I had, I used.  Blurry, fuzzy or is what it is.  :)

The 12 of 12 originated from Chad Darnell's site...and I love being able to see how people around the world capture their day in 12 images. 

Here's ours, a low key day in Rainier, Washington...on the Christmas tree farm.

7:22 am • Major fog over the fields
You can see the trees that were sheared yesterday and the ones that will get sheared today.  Doesn't it just put you in the Christmas mood?!?

9:27 am • Waking up from his early nap.  
He was wide awake at 5:15 this morning, so we went down around 7:30 for a two hour nap.  I worked like mad while he was sleeping.  It was awesome. 

9:33 am • Tackling the first wall in the bedroom. 
This has been kind of a 'catch all' spot in the bedroom, those boxes have been there for ages.  So I'm decluttering, cleaning, and painting the wall with a shade I adore...really close to Restoration Hardware's Silver Sage.

11:10 am • Coming home from the post office.
I love rounding  the corner with the house in sight...Thomas always gets very excited from the backseat as well.  The baby doug firs haven't been sheared yet either.

11:27 am • Thomas stealing an apple.
I hate that he grabs my giant honeycrisp apples and take bites out of them...because he doesn't like the peel.  He takes the peel out of his mouth and hands it to you, or leaves a little "breadcrumb" trail behind him of stray apple peel bites.  I peeled and sliced it, and we both finished it off.  YUM.

2:06 pm •  Unpacking Grandma's awesome package to us. 
I left a drawer's worth of stuff at her house when we were back in Iowa in she packed it up and included a few other things as well for Mom and me.  Loved finding my favorite pants (which I didn't know where I'd lost them) and Thomas's monster PJs, as well as some beautiful candles and Christmas goodies. 

2:09 pm • Painting in progress.
Definitely tougher to do when Thomas likes painting with his feet and eating the spackle.  Awesome.

3:05 pm • The finished wall, still drying.
Pulled the DVD player and VCR (what's that?!?), as well as sorted the boxes.  I LOVE THIS COLOR.  Bye, bye clutter!

4:44 pm • GIVE ME A BANANA.
Hungry and waiting for dinner, he pulled down the bananas.  I was glad he handed them to me, as his normal modus operandi is to stab every banana with his finger to see which one will open easiest. 

4:57 pm • The mirepoix.
Well, technically, it won't be a mirepoix when I add sweet potato, but here's the start of a DELISH chicken noodle soup.  Onions, celery and carrots sauteed, sweet potatoes thrown in as well, deglazed with white wine, add the broth, chicken and spices with the noodles at the end.  Served with leftover giant rosemary & garlic foccacia from yesterday.  HEAVEN.

6:42 pm •  BRING ME BACK!
Thomas's new attention grabber at dinner is his feet on the table.  We used to just push him back so he couldn't reach it, but he would scoot close enough to put his tiny little toes on the table.  So Jonathan started turning his chair around.  He can only scoot forward, so he scoots all the way to the living room and gets frustrated.  Deal, kiddo.  Or don't put your feet on the table.

8:47 pm •  Homemade oreo blizzard.
Courtesy of my sweet husband, who brought it to me while I was watching Glee. 

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Jill said...

Your trees are so beautiful! I love the "before and after" and the mist/fog. So cool.

Dogeared said...

I love the opening photo, with the mist and trees - beautiful!

Also, congrats on Sprouffske baby number 2!

Dogeared said...

Sorry for the late comment – I also posted my 12 of 12 late, doh!
Helen (Dogeared)

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