Saturday, July 10, 2010

Settling in at home.

An awesome week away.

Isn't this a gorgeous view?  We rented a house on Lake Entiat -- a few steps down to the lake, with a giant green lawn for the kids to run around.  Perfect getaway with my fam. 

I read a Nicholas Sparks collection -- four books worth -- and slept.  A lot.  Loved having family around.  Thomas was in heaven.  Jonathan golfed, read, and relaxed. 

There were only a few glitches while we were gone...
  • Grandpa Mauss, my dad's 96-year-old dad, had clots in his lungs and was taken to the hospital.  He's doing much better now, and will be transferred for extended care in the next week or so.  When the outlook wasn't as bright early on, he told my aunt, "Darn it, I really wanted to make it to 100."  Chances look much better now.  :)
  • Someone tried to break into my parents' house.  For the first time ever. Andy and Gina scared them off, and it woke up their tenant downstairs.  
  • Amy came home to our house on the farm one night to find Maggie tangled in her run...with her white fur spray painted orange (that's what happens when you chew on a can of spray paint), half the dog food in the bag eaten, and 2/3 of a bottle of Roundup downed.  Her giant 100 lb size + a trip to the emergency animal care ensured that she was bright eyed and orange-tailed when we got home. :) Thanks, Amy, for taking such good care of her.  We so appreciate it!!
We're unpacking, getting settled, and heading out tonight to the opening ceremonies of the Relay For Life of SE Thurston -- right here in Rainier!  

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Unknown said...

wish we were still there! we had so much fun with you guys. Avila woke up from her nap today wanting Tommy. We should definitely do this again. (that's what she said...)

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