Monday, July 5, 2010

"Ow, ow, I'm on fire!"

Best quote of the night on the 4th.

You really need to enlarge this photo (click on it) and see Mike's face while Kristine is shooting the roman candle.  It was HILARIOUS. 

Slightly different than years past -- this was the first year in more than 10 years that he wasn't one of the pyrotechnicians for the show at Ft. Lewis.  The guys called him during the show's mid-show volleys, and we shot roman candles and lit sparklers while they lit the big explosives via speakerphone. 

Fantastic weather here, kids are in heaven.  Lots of sun, playing in the pool, getting ready for tubing on the lake and lots of naps.  Lots of naps.

But first, a few of my favorite fireworks images. 

Happy fourth!

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