Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Quick Takes: The Crashed Out Edition

Seven snippets of life right now: too long for Facebook, too short for a blog post...
  1. The week before Relay is always busy. 
    Always, always, always.  But the big difference this year?  I'm not working full time!  So it's been busy, but more manageable.  Which is awesome because the Wee Ski is EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME.   Jonathan and I have had breakfast and dinner together every day this week.  It's helped us keep ourselves grounded in the midst of otherwise super busy schedules.
  2. Thomas crashed out today.
    This is him, taken by my Blackberry, in the middle of Safeway.  Sound asleep.  Didn't wake up when I laid him down, didn't wake up when I put him in his carseat.  Just slept.  He had a big morning at the pediatric allergist (who had hopeful news!  more to come later) and was beat after he split his lip (for the second time this week) on a chair just before they ran all the skin tests.  Bright side?  The pokies didn't bother him hardly at all compared to his injured pride and puffy lip. 
  3. I used a drill yesterday.
    I hung about a dozen things -- frames, mirrors, candles.  Lots of little projects that needed to get done, but just hadn't been high enough on the priority list.  I used anchors.  It was a very big deal for me -- since I have never been terribly good with power tools.  Unless it was a heat gun for shrink wrapping.  I am awesome at gift baskets.
  4. I replaced a light fixture in the kitchen today!
    This is also amazing news if you are familiar with how not power-tooly I am.  I only had to call Rich Brownrice, the Miyagi of electricity, twice.  And one time was after I was waiting to Skype with him to show him my question...realizing a few minutes later that when I shut the power off to the kitchen, I shut the power off to the wireless router.  He had a good laugh at that.  But I pulled down the new crappy fixture that was smelling smoky (it was a lemon of a fixture), bought a new one to replace it, and installed it ALL BY MYSELF.  It is incredible the difference in white light in there -- we are finally past the golden smoky light of the 1980s!!  Photos to come, post Relay.
  5. All kinds of things have been checked off for Relay this week. 
    Luminaria bags, team tees, banners, signage, s'mores kits assembled.  My awesome friend Kathy sent up a tiny little Grand Club shirt for Thomas to wear this weekend -- so thoughtful!  It really made my week when it came in the mail.  I always get so pumped for Relay when I read about all she's doing with her event in Beaverton...cannot wait to see it in person next month!
  6. A very awesome post about finding a "solitary calcification" on her breasts.
    Sunday, who was a team captain in her very first Relay For Life a few weeks ago, shares about the scans and what happened after she found a growth.  She's so hilarious, but at the same time quite real. And the scans are the coolest pics ever.
  7. Strawberries are here!
    I finally picked up a flat of fresh berries at Spooner's today!  They've been sold out every time I've tried to go...jam making soon!


Unknown said...

Thanks Shelley for the shout out.
The girls thank you too! :-D

Poor sweet Thomas laying in that shopping cart just made my ovaries cry. He is so darn sweet.

KCina said...

Dang, I wish Charlie would crash like that in the cart! ;-)

We are sending you guys lots of happy Relay thoughts for this weekend! Can't wait to see you guys next month!

~ Kathy

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