Friday, June 4, 2010

Little Miss Paige not so little anymore!

She graduated tonight from St. Charles -- where I last walked the halls 19 years ago.  How's that to make you feel OLD?

Little Paige, at nine years old.  I seriously miss when she'd knock on the door and come see Viper.  Not me, Viper.  :)  So quiet and shy.  The dog whisperer.  Late nights when it would snow and we'd be running and playing and building mini snowmen and listening to her and Austin yell loud enough for everyone in Tacoma to hear. 

She's really come into her own.  I love the young woman she has become.  Thoughtful and caring and very assertive.  :)  So excited to see what's ahead for her at Bellarmine. 

With her friends...

Sigh.  I heart the Brownrices.  Look how freaking tall Austin is!!

The Skis + Paige. 

I miss self-portraits with Liz.  I heart her too.

My two favorite Rices. 

The whole gang -- parents + grandparents + Paige + Austin.

Congrats, Paige. WE LOVE YOU!


Anonymous said...

Great Pics Shelly. Thanks for sharing them

Elizabeth Ann said...

Oh you are so super awesome!!! LOVE the shots!!! (as always) Thanks for sharing this event with us and posting on it. Lookin forward to Graduation from HS next!!! :)

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