Friday, June 25, 2010

It's time to Relay!

The morning craziness of packing, checking off the list of things to bring, things to pick up on the way, and making sure everything is dotted and crossed.  Picked up extra sunscreen last night, new sippy cups for the Wee Ski, and a little navy baseball hat for him.

Our grand club shirts arrived yesterday as a surprise from Janell, and we can't wait to wear them on Saturday!  Friday night is all navy & white for our team, decked out in navy & white baseball jerseys. 

Finian Road designed the baseball logo, which adorns our tee and sweet surprise banners for Jim and his family.  Saturday, we'll have our Grand Club shirts on, celebrating that nearly every member of our team has raised more than $1000 each. 

Thomas and I will be spend a few hours away tomorrow morning for the funeral Mass for Dick "Snappy" McEntee, and then will head right back to the Relay.  We will be Relaying especially for their family this weekend.

Below is the team tee back (designed several weeks ago) -- listing the names of everyone our team is Relaying for this year. 

We added a special "Connolly's Crew" line above everything on all our tees, to celebrate Jim and his battle right now.

Our team total is $42,189.24 right now -- and the Skis are just $45 shy of $10,000 as a family.
The support we've had from our family and friends has been nothing short of amazing. If you haven't viewed our team video and invite for tonight, you can do that right here!  It's short and sweet and to the point, I promise. 

We are creating a world with more birthdays and less deaths from cancer. 

Thank you for being part of this journey with us.

You can track our progress as a team right here.  And there's any chance you have a few bucks handy to kick the Skis up closer to our $10,000 goal -- you can do that right here!  :)

It's time to celebrate, remember and fight back!

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