Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Quick Takes: The One Week to my Birthday Edition

Seven snippets of life right now: too long for Twitter, too short for a blog post.

  1. Ticklish Reuben.
    On my Thomas Road Trip Tunes, Version 2, there's a funny song about Ticklish Reuben.  In the second half, there is just a bunch of collective laughing as Reuben gets tickled.  Thomas LOVES that song.  He sits in the backseat cracking up at the laughing and keeps going when the song ends.  It. is. so. funny.  I'll try to video him when he's listening.
  2. Kids like healthful food in Gig Harbor.
    I loved this article from the News Tribune.  Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution hits the west coast!!  :)
  3. Praying Thomas grows out of his food allergies.This morning was frustrating.  He has had eczema on his face for the past few days -- which often coincides with a food allergy.  We've been trying to track down exactly what triggers it...and I cannot believe how many foods have soy in them.  On the 'off limits' list right now: cow's milk, eggs, soy, peanuts and cod fish.  To make things simple right now, we have a stash of foods that are approved in the fridge.  Meals are simple -- breakfast was a banana, Dave's killer bread, toasted, with warm goat cheese smoothed over.  Still looking for a soy-free and dairy-free butter-like spread.  Any ideas?  Lunch today was turkey spears, grapes and another slice of Dave's killer bread w/goat cheese.  Tonight is three bean chili while I'm at cooking class, the boys are on their own.  Jonathan can have cornbread. 
  4. Loved the Lost finale.Lots of tears shed.  Loved it even more the second time around.  Also loved the Jimmy Kimmel Live that followed.  Jonathan even enjoyed it, after having boycotted for several years.  And yes, I will be buying the DVD the day it comes out. 
  5. I turn 33 in a week!
    I'm trying to decide which cake I want for my birthday.  Always a fan of cherry chip or lemon, but thinking outside the box this year.  Literally and figuratively.  :)
  6. 31 days until our Relay in Thurston County.
    Our team has had a breakout year -- we're already ahead of where we were last year at this time!  Thomas, Jonathan and I revised our goal to $7500 from $5000, and we're 67% of the way there.  Here's the link to check our progress online...
  7. Loving my cooking class.
    Tonight's class is on frittatas and omelettes -- so really, a class for Jonathan and me.  But the classes have been a blast -- and I love how it's stretched me beyond my comfort zone in the kitchen.   Thinking about adding the international series after finishing this round.  Check out Bon Vivant here.


Lindsay said...

Regarding #5... Our new home is about one mile away from Creme de la creme. I'm just saying...

Unknown said...

Shel, earth balance is dairy free and they make a soy free version of their buttery spread. You might have to order it special though.

Unknown said...

I love Dave's killer bread!!! I'm the only on that can eat it as they don't have a gulten free one for Mark, but that is a good thing because I don't have to share with anyone! :)

BTW - I think the 30's just get better and better as you go!

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