Monday, May 31, 2010

On the eve of Shellevus

An awesomely quiet day.  I loved having Jonathan around early this morning for a "bonus weekend morning" before he headed into the office.  I made my favorite guy and little guy  toasted steel cut oats with roasted pears after finding the recipe on Simple Bites early this morning.  So incredibly good, and was the first time I used vanilla bean paste

It rained for most of the day until the sun finally decided to make its Thomas and I headed into Olympia to meet Jonathan at the lake. 

Thomas loves the outside.  Running, mud, dirt, grass, bugs, fresh air.  He was in heaven with the planes flying overhead and all the interesting sites you see when in Olympia...of which there are many.  :)

The original plan was a picnic after walking the lake, but with the squishy ground, we opted for Red Robin's free gourmet burger for me on my birthday.  Guacamole bacon burger.  We don't eat out all that much anymore, and it was a little bit of heaven tonight. 

Thomas is beginning to transition to a straw, but he gets a little crazy with it, drinking too much too quickly and usually losing a bit in the process.  As he was riding home with Jonathan in the car in front of me, Jonathan calls me to tell me that Thomas just threw up all over himself.  So we both pull over, and I bring back wipes and start cleaning it up. 

Cleaning up Wee Ski Puke from a carseat is not on my bucket list of life.   

Let's be real here.  Things that used to freak me out (including dirt and poop) no longer do.  After the honeymoon from hell which involved an ungodly amount of diarrhea in a third world country, I should have realized that I would learn a great deal from things I don't enjoy. 

On the eve of Shellevus (to translate for my mom: the celebration known as my birthday, kind of like "festivus"), I was reminded that I am completely content exactly where I'm at.  Taking care of our son, learning to be more patient and loving with my husband (which will be a lifelong lesson -- I am SO glad that I married him!!), and being part of a family whose strength is greater than my strength on my own.  

I am blessed in so many ways by Jonathan.  By his patience, his sense of humor, and his ability to put up with my Shellevus songs sung at the top of my lungs all around Capitol Lake without leaving me right then and there.  "Second verse, same as the first!"

And on the eve of my 33rd birthday, even though Thomas is asleep now, I still have to go hose out the rest of the carseat. 


Happy Shellevus eve!


Unknown said...

Happy Shellevus Eve! Congrats to you on overcoming your freak out over puke....I still have not made it that far. I am a sympathy puker so if someone throws up it means I will too or at least feel like I am going to at any moment for the remainder of the day!

Here is hoping your birthday is completely puke-free!

Anonymous said...

So sad we missed you around the lake. Brent and I were down there too. It was a great afternoon/evening to go for a walk. Happy Birthday!..Sandra

Danielle Hawes said...


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday...30's rock!!!!

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