Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My little fishy.

I finally brought my camera to one of Thomas's swim classes. And I'm so glad I did.  He has been swimming for more than half his life now -- and is my sweet little splashing fish.  The Shrimp/Kipper classes are from 6 months - 2 1/2 years.  They teach the kids to be comfortable in the water, to kick, paddle, jump in, flip over onto their backs to float on their back, and swim underwater. Once a week, they will wear life jackets for a few minutes to get used to the feel of them and be comfortable in them as well. Thomas absolutely loves being in the pool.

His papa would be very proud of how he Hulk smashes the barbell in the water.  :)

One of the great things of this class is that he has a fantastic instructor, Chelsea, who has taught him nearly the entire time since he began lessons.  She even formed a special late class for a few of us after her school schedule began.

This is Mason.  Two months younger than Thomas, but bigger than him.  They started classes together late last summer.  Mason shares his 'no longer fitting' swimsuits with Thomas.  They are buddies and Mason's dad, Kevin, gives me awesome baking tips.  Just yesterday he gave me ideas to adjust Thomas's granola to make it without eggs.  Mason's mom, Sara, was able to come to class last much fun to see her in the pool with Mason!

Chelsea, her niece, and Mason.  Chelsea is this month's Instructor of the Month at the Briggs YMCA.  She is so good with the kids and they all adore her.

This is Kate and her daughter Audrey doing back floats.  Kate was my lifesaver today when she lent me a towel after Thomas pulled our towel all the way into the pool.  She also lent me a sweet roller to use with the Wee Ski's car seat on the flights to Iowa.  YEA!

And why else is Kate awesome? She's an great photographer, and she took the barbell photo and this photo of Thomas jumping in...while in the pool.  I trust her that much with my 70-200 IS L lens.  :)

So glad for these classes twice a week.  Time for the two of us to play and get wet, and to build in a beautiful long nap when he gets home.  :)

My little fishy.


Danielle Hawes said...

I love this!

Amelia said...

Oh so cute and makes me pretty jealous you have a pool within 2 hours that you can go to twice a week. Sigh....

Elizabeth Ann said...

You are the best momma EVER!!

Marie said...

I am a dork. I started getting teary eyed when I say the first photo. What a gift that you get the opportunity to spend so much time with your son creating these life long memories. Precious!

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