Sunday, May 30, 2010

A little man and his blackberry...

...unfortunately, are not soon parted.  His top 3 favorite things to tote around the house?
  1. The remote control to the TV (especially the Dish control)
  2. One (or both) of the cordless phones
  3. Either of our blackberries.
Thomas has been on a blackberry kick lately, and not only texts but calls people as well.  We're fairly certain that the Wee Ski was behind a heavy-breathing call made to Merrill Lynch last week.  Or it could be a stalker.  But I'm placing my bet on the almost 17-month-old who likes to call his Uncle Mike.

A few translations for you...since he has a lot to keep up on.  Heck, he really only tweets sporadically, not enough to keep up on his entire life.  Enjoy, since we are obviously going to up our plan after his usage kicks in.  :)

{above via email}
Papa, guess what I put in the toilet today?

{while surfing the web}   
Mommy, I'm approved for a credit card!  What's a credit card?

{using the camera}  
Don't say cheese!  It's time to update your Facebook profile pic!  I want Blue Steel!

{using the phone}   
You mean I'm not supposed to breathe heavy on the phone when I call a business?  Even if everyone is listening on speaker phone?  Oh, that's a no-no. 

{after hearing the phone go dead}   
I can't believe Uncle Mike hung up on me!

{while tweeting}   
Fine then, I'll try to set up a playdate with my BFF, Daniel.  I miss him.  We can play in my new ball tent.  He will like that.  And our mommies can eat brownies or cookies from Main Street.

{after Mass}   
We have a new priest at St. Columban!  We have a new priest!  I'm going to google him to find out his background.  Darn.  There are a LOT of "Duc Nguyens" in the world.  I wonder which one it is.  Good thing I inherited good Google genes from Mommy.

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