Wednesday, May 12, 2010

12 of 12: The "Just Got Home" Edition

A super low key day, after being back in Iowa for a week. I got home after midnight last night from cooking class...and left the unpacking for today.

7:58 am • Unpacked luggage
Know how to make unpacking much smoother?  Do it while watching the latest LOST.

8:30 am • unpacking the loot from Penzey's
Cannot wait to get into the kitchen. 

10:05 am • Thomas and his ABC duck.
An awesome give from my cousin Tara. Thomas has carried it everywhere today. Though I may tape the song and send it to her, because I can now sing it in my sleep.  "I quack to say hello..."  :)

11:15 am • A crappy welcome home from the birds that have taken residence in my roof
Their days are numbered. 

12:49 pm • Thomas out to save our ailing chicken
And clearly, a sick chicken needs my basal thermometer.  Perhaps Thomas wants to know when the next egg is coming?
(Oh, dear Lord, that was an awesome NFP joke if I've ever told one.  He carries that thing EVERYWHERE.)

12:51 pm •Said ailing chicken (Peanut)
It took Jonathan, with heavy gloves on, to get her out of the nest so we could get her fixed up.  So we didn't do much for her during the day but bring fresh lettuce and kale for her, Butter and Jelly.

1:13 pm • A green monster.
Kale, spinach, carrots, pineapple, orange, amazing superfood.

1:15 pm • My sneaky thief
I find stuff from this drawer all over the house.  It's filled with silicone funnels, spatulas, and measuring cups.  Nothing breakable, but sometimes odd when you are in the shower and look out to see a strainer on the toilet. 

4:15 pm • Grilling marinade
Steaks on the barbie!  Used this recipe from Penzey's.

6:12 pm • The calm after the Wee Ski Storm
After an unfortunate incident in the yard with Thomas + on my back in an Ergo + losing his lunch + all of our clothes left on the deck, we both got a bath and he got to play in his birthday suit until Papa came home.

6:55 pm • Dinner.
Steaks, fresh green salad.  Homemade citrus thyme vinaigrette + homemade croutons.  Delish.

9:16 pm • putting things away
Just finished a batch of vegan overnight oats to share with Thomas in the morning.  Over the last year, I've reorganized my pantry and cabinets, so all of my bulk items are in storage containers.  Way less mess, way less clutter. I love it. 

There you have it -- the 'just got home' edition.  To check out 12 of 12 days from around the world, visit Chad Darnell's site for May 2010.


KCina said...

Totally cracking up at your "Shelley 1980" plate in the dinner photo! My mom still has my Kathy 1970 (something, can't remember the date)...I think I might need to permanently borrow it for our home!

Glad you are home..remember, there's a Penzey's in Portland -- just a wee bit closer than Iowa! ;-)

shelley said...

LOL! You know what's funny?


And we are definitely road tripping to Penzey's this year. Maybe on a Relay Road Trip weekend!! :)

Unknown said...

Okay, what is this mecca you refer to as Penzey's? I may have to take a West Coast trip just to find out!

I absolutely love the picture of Thomas and all his cute baby fat rolls! Why can't fat stay "cute" like that for our entire lives? WHY!? LOL

Anonymous said...

I will have to buy Thomas the matching Doggy for his next trip to Iowa since you enjoy the song on the duck so much. It was good to see you both.

Dogeared said...

Hee, I love how the dumper truck is proecting his modesty! :D

Jill said...

I was thinking the same thing as Helen/Dogeared... she said it perfectly. :)

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