Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rain, rain, go away

There's been so much rain on the farm over the last week. I've had to move the chicken's Eglu every day or two because they thrash up the mud and it's a nightmare to get to them after the rain.   When the rain broke today, Thomas and I made a dash to the park to get some fresh air.

And then it rained.  :)

So we hung out for a bit in the rain and headed over to Gordon's for some spring retail therapy.  We came home with an awesome succulent wreath and some plants for the living room.  Nice, hard to kill plants.  Right up my alley.

Thomas wasn't liking the "no eating the wood chips rule".  Mommy is so mean.  It has so much fiber, though!

"OK, no wood chips, but I'm starting to get wet, Mommy."

And my favorite: squishy nose + tiny dimple.

Since we've not done the park circuit...if you're from the Olympia area...can you fill me in on a few parks that are good for little ones? 

Yea for springtime!!

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Scrapping in Circles said...

We love parks! Priest Point Park is nice because it doesn't have bark, but it can be cold in the mornings due to all the tree cover (which is nice on really warm summer days). Raineer Vista (off Ruddel Road) is a great park, but can get really busy and has those annoying wood chips the little ones loves to nibble on. Another favorite is one out next to the Lacey Community Center. I don't remember the name, but it has a nice loop you can walk and a good playground. It's also next to a pond with ducks (which is fun for the kids, but can get messy near the pond from the duck poop). Enjoy!

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