Thursday, April 8, 2010

Quick Takes: The Squirmy Worm Edition

Seven snippets of life right now: too long for Facebook, and too short for a blog post. Well, a blog post right now, anyway.  You'll definitely see more about the last ones later.
  1. My dad always calls Thomas his "slitherer". 
    When he wants down, he'll just start slithering out of your grasp until he's free.  Above, he's laughing at Grandpa while trying to slither down Grandma.  See that left hand though?  That's a good stop to the slither.  So good to spend time with Mom & Dad tonight in the Harbor.
  2. The longer days are messing with us.
    Thomas fell asleep like always at 7 pm on the way home tonight, but woke up about halfway home.  To bright sun-setting light.  And he was confused.  Honestly, so was I.  With all of our dark windy & rainy days -- what is this bright light? 
  3. I mastered homemade raviolis last night.
    I'm learning that when I'm stressed, I need to work on something or I'll go nuts.  Ever since I had sweet potato & bacon soup a few weeks back, I've had an itch to do something with that duo.  It was the first time I'd ever had sweet potato & bacon raviolis.  Not sure if it will ever be a repeat dish, but it was good for one time.  But at least I can rock the raviolis now.  
  4. I found a Fred Meyer gift card in my wallet. 
    Found money.  So awesome.  Went to the bulk bins there and was in heaven.  Semolina flour (for above said raviolis).  Little graham Fred Bears.  Lentils.  And then I found Muir Glen pizza sauce on sale.  It was like Christmas morning.  All for $1.52 after the gift card.  
  5. Listening to the 2010 Relay For Life Mix.
    It turned out so fabulously. Lots of good stuff behind the celebrate, remember, fight back theme.  Will be giving away a copy next week on the blog -- stay tuned!
  6. While we're on the subject of cancer...
    If you've visited our fundraising page at all, you'll notice that we have a new reason to Relay this year.  My dad was diagnosed with skin cancer in March.  He is going in tomorrow to have all the spots removed.  Understandably, he's nervous about the procedure.  But what has him a bit more apprehensive is an overdue colonoscopy on Monday -- with his previous results showing some pre-cancerous growths.  We would really appreciate your prayers over the upcoming week...for peace, strength, and good news.
  7. But there is awesome cancer news at the same time.
    Dick McEntee (better known as the dad of Kate and Noreen) was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer in February.  The tumors/growth in his right lung and his lymph nodes have shrunk, and there's no cancer seen yet in any new places.   He started his third round of chemo today.  It's working -- please keep him in your prayers as well!

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Unknown said...

Keeping your dad in my prayers that all the skin cancer is removed and he will not need any additional treatments.

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