Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Mom's Bliss

...does not happen because of her kids, but her grandkids. First photo with all three grandbabies together:  Thomas (at 15 months), Max (at 4 days old) and Avila (at 25 months old). 

Today, we took the Wee Ski and Miss Avila out for a lunch date -- giving Kristine a bit of time with her mom and Max (and a nap!) before her mom heads back to Vancouver. 

Thomas and Avila were a riot together in the car -- singing songs, yelling, reading stories and getting really excited that someone else was strapped in a carseat in the backseat for a change (that was mainly my kid). 

We headed to the almighty Spaghetti Factory (read: my favorite restaurant for kids since it's loud and has lots of things to watch).  For as neat as Avila is, Thomas is messy.  I loved having a chance to eat with a child who not only could feed herself neatly and peacefully, but said "God bless you" after a sneeze.   And then Thomas pulled over many a plate and placemat.  All while squealing in delight.

It was awesome kid chaos. 

They both had grilled cheese sandwiches and spumoni (see Avila's first bite of spumoni below) and Thomas used a straw for the first time.  Thomas wanted to do everything Avila did. 

So much fun to see them together.  And so looking forward to Chelan this summer, with the whole fam together.


KCina said...

Don't ya just love OSF?? The most kid friendly place!

Awesome photo of your mom and the the TLGs (three little grandkids)....

Yeah JEN for winning the CD! ;-)

Unknown said...

Mmmmm of my all time faves!

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