Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My little bedhead boy

...fresh from his nap.  There's nothing like a fully rested Wee Ski to tear things up around here!

Among his accomplishments today:
  • Emptied an entire package of CleanOnes wipes all over the kitchen floor.  He. Was. So. Proud. Of. Himself.  They have all been repackaged into a big ziploc bag in the bathroom.  Far from his hands.
  • Filled the bathtub with his toys and extra puckies.  We found them when we were getting ready for his bath tonight.
  • Decided he loves cream of broccoli soup.  Not with bread, not with cheese.  Just the soup.  Bring it on.
  • Will stop everything he is doing to dance to "If you're happy and you know it".  It's on his own little cell phone and his dog, Scout.  And it's hilarious.
  • Yesterday, he took one of the cordless phones and turned it on, and hid it in his toys.  It wasn't until I started getting texts and emails that the phone was off the hook did I realize anything was up. 
  • Tonight, he wanted Papa to put him to bed.  I got all teary.  Especially since I'll be gone the next two nights.  I can't wait to be home to my boys on Saturday!


Angie said...

He is getting so big! Those teeth make him look like such a little man. Thinking of you all often. Hopefully one of these days our Relay paths will cross again!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, you now have a toddler! Welcome to the you just have to keep up with the little guy!...:)Lacey

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