Saturday, February 20, 2010

Quick Takes • The Frozen Morning Edition

Seven snippets of life today: too short for a blog post, too long for Facebook.

  1. Loved my sleepover with Stella.
    She came up on Thursday evening on her way home from Portland. We feasted on blizzards while watching the Olympics. The awesome AC/DC shirt for the Wee Ski? A gift from Auntie Stella. Jonathan loved it. I think he's pretty adorable.
  2. I love weekends as a fam.
    One of the biggest bonuses of our slowed-down pace is having consistent time together with Jonathan and Thomas. Jonathan called me into Thomas's bedroom to see him rocking on his rocker, back and forth, back and forth.
  3. Made my first pizza from scratch.
    For lunch today, with chicken apple sausage and bacon crumbles. Used this recipe, with Snowcap. The crust was fabulous, though I'll admit that the Snowcap did NOT give off a pleasant scent from the breadmaker. Our whole house smelled like farts. Nice. Excited to try new toppings and to get my crust perfected. The Wee Ski is a fan...though Mommy is not a fan of pizza sauce hair conditioner. It. was. everywhere.
  4. This survival swimming video is fascinating.

    Thomas's swim instructor brought it up the other day. She's trying to find more info on the 'how to' of teaching the skill. We've been working on underwater swimming immediately into a back float - which the Wee Ski is getting the hang of. He actually closed his eyes and relaxed for all of back floating last week. I love seeing how far he's come, but I especially love that his old (and fave) instructor added an additional class later in the morning so he could continue learning from her!
  5. I'm hopeful for 3 eggs today.
    I keep finding small eggs in the run from one of the I'm nearly positive that the third hen has started laying. As soon as we have 3 eggs in one day we'll know they are all laying (because the egg's gestation time is 25.5 hours). Thomas and I bring out treats each day for the hens, and he loves staring into the run at them. Today, he walked along the run back to the eglu, and tried to pull off the cover. Smart kid, he is, knowing right where to go for the eggs!

    They keep a close eye on him - not quite sure what to do with a mini-person.
  6. I just sent the most beautiful Finian Road wedding ensemble to print.
    The wedding is this summer at the Cave B Winery. A custom design by me through Finian Road, there's a beautiful wheat motif throughout, custom map, and clean design -- in the best summer wedding colors: chocolate, apricot, and pear green. Once the invites are in the mail from the bride, I'll feature it over on the Finian Road blog. Cannot wait to see how they turn out!
  7. Loving the start to Lent.
    Definitely keeping me humble with my Lenten commitment -- how many different ways I can improve as a wife. Enjoyed last night's Lenten Soup Supper at St. Columban -- where Jonathan and I are volunteering on Friday nights throughout Lent. Stations of the Cross was different, but simple and beautiful. Looking forward to next week's supper!

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kilipohi said...

shelley: thomas is looking soo big in his AC/DC shirt!!! I can't believe how old he is already!

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