Saturday, January 9, 2010

The First Birthday Cake

We smuggled Thomas into the ICU (after we heard of a successful run last night by Thomas's cousin, Avila) for a "pizza and wine" night at the hospital. We had a little surprise for Mom as well.

Since we didn't end up planning a big soiree for his first birthday, Auntie Karen came through for us and made Thomas his first birthday cake - a big firetruck! We brought up his Bumbo chair and a big black garbage bag for the mess, and were ready to celebrate.

No candles in Intensive Care, but there was a lot of merriment. :) Had there been room in the "general population" part of the hospital, Mom would have been transferred out of Intensive Care today! She'll hope for an open bed tomorrow, and rest peacefully tonight in what we hope is her last night in the ICU.

Mom looked beautiful. Just on a nasal cannula. Thomas immediately reached for her when we got there. With the TV remote and all of Mom's tubes, he was happy as a clam in her lap. He was terribly impressed when he saw her finger light and wanted as close to the action as possible. Especially if he could zap the light with his remote.

With the current course of steroids, she is being tested frequently for her blood sugar count. Thomas supervised the nurse.

And he had great birthday loves from Grandpa. They played and played and played.

And laughed with Grandma.

After dinner, we unveiled his truck...which he loved. ♥ Thank you, Auntie Karen!

We captured his first cake on least the first few minutes. We chose to save you from the "hosing the child down in the hospital sink because he has red frosting everywhere, especially in his diaper" segment. You'd thank me, I promise. :)

Enjoy our little one-year-old. :) And the music halfway through?

"Sweet Child Of Mine" by Vitamin String Quartet.


Unknown said...

How very "sweet"!
That cake is too cute for words and I loved how Thomas ate all the horns and ladders off first!

Happy Birthday Thomas!
May your life be a continued blessing to those around you!

ViolinMama said...

What a CUTE cake, and what a PERFECT b-day party! Love it!!

Much lov to you all!

KCina said...

AWESOME!!! ;-)

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