Saturday, January 2, 2010

A birthday surprise - we need your help!

Today, we had originally planned on celebrating her birthday with a big dinner out. This week, our plans changed a bit. We anticipate that she will be in the hospital through her birthday (Monday, January 4th).

To help her celebrate, we are planning an impromptu 'birthday card shower'. Because of the holiday weekend, we have a quick & easy way to be part of this surprise:

  1. Send an email to me at with your message. It can be long or short - it doesn't matter.
  2. The unofficial deadline is 9 am, Monday morning. UPDATED: Though we've passed the deadline, we're still getting notes and letters in - that's fabulous! I'll print them as they come in and add them to her book. No worries!
  3. That's all!

Each email will be individually downloaded and "pretty-fied" through Photoshop, printed and given to Mom in a special birthday book that she can look through at the hospital. We'll be bringing her birthday surprise up on Monday to decorate her room and make it a bit more fun and festive than it is right now.

So don't worry about having to make it fancy, your message is what's most important. Birthday cheer, a favorite memory or happy wishes are all we ask!

Questions? Leave them in the comments below or email me! :)


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