Monday, December 7, 2009

A Simple Day

For today, December 7th

Outside my window... there's a family cheering as they are cutting down their Christmas tree. {Seriously. Not kidding.}

I am thinking... that I get a little more flexible each day. Mentally. Especially when plans change with the wee one. We woke up to Thomas with a fever, his first ear infection, and miserable. A quick trip to Healthy Future Peds confirmed it, and we picked up his first baby prescription. Loved buying the medicine from a pharmacist who had just purchased his Christmas tree from Thomas out on the farm. {"We've been going to Sprouffske Trees since I was a little boy!"}

I am thankful for... fabulously flexible people at the American Cancer Society. Today, they helped me cancel my hotel room without penalty (I'll just drive up to the meetings for the next two days to help lighten the load for Jonathan) and pointed me in the direction of a patient navigator for a friend of a friend. I can't wait to see everyone tomorrow in Seattle. Thanks, Janna and Janell! :)

From the kitchen... floors so clean you can lick them. Literally. Not that you would, but you could. Focusing on ridding the house of germies, so I just steam cleaned all the tile in the house.

I am wearing... my favorite J-41 shoes, black Lucy pants, a nursing tank, and the best thick and woolly Ralph Lauren sweater I own. Perfect for a 17° day.

I am creating... lots of photo goodness. Packed up two shoots this afternoon during Thomas's long nap. Getting projects finished and sent to the printer. Dropped the Christmas cards in the mail today on the way home from the pharmacy.

I am going... to put meatballs in the crockpot for dinner. Probably throw some spaghetti sauce on top. Yum. Simple and filling for today's cold day.

I am reading...Time Management for Catholics. Again.

I am hoping... for snow. Always. I love snow too. And I can't wait to see Thomas's reaction to it now that he's a bit older. And I am hoping that my super fabulous husband might walk through the door and say, "Shelley! I am going to build you and Thomas a fire!"

I am hearing... Thomas laugh as he smacks the window for Maggie to come see him. Thankfully he is a cheerful sicky, now that his medicine is kicking in.

Around the house... it is cold. The doors to the rooms that we're not using are shut, and we're heating only the rooms we're in. The bathroom is still steamy from the Wee Ski's bonus bath. A fire in the wood stove would be the perfect remedy.

One of my favorite things... Our Christmas cards. I love them. So excited that they are heading out into the hands of our loved ones!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Relay meetings Tuesday and Wednesday, Dad's birthday, photo shoots, selling trees at the tree house, and hopefully a trip to Zoolights. Yea!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...


ViolinMama said...

I love hearing about your day. You seem to live such a charmed life - quaint, simple, and blessed. Thanks for making my heart feel warm!

Much love!

KCina said...


Made me smile last night and again this FREEZIN' morning....

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