Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Red tulips

Just before Christmas, Thomas and I picked out an extra special bouquet of red tulips. We visited Grandma and Grandpa Ski at the Pioneer Cemetery and filled their vase. We said a special prayer for them, for our family, and asked them to watch over us this Christmas and into the new year.

When we got home, his cousin sent over a package of Christmas treats. Inside, she also included some recipes she'd received more than 20 years ago for her from Grandpa Ski, and one from Jonathan entitled "Food For Thought"...

Love is a gift that cannot be demanded.
A blessing that comes from the heart.
And those who are sharing it,
find their thoughts turning to heaven,
where love had its start.
Love is a pledge, that will never be broken,
A trust that will ever be true, and when it is sent,
from an unselfish heart,
it is returned in full measure to you.

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