Friday, November 20, 2009

Quick Takes • The Post Vacation Edition

In no particular order...
  1. So good to come home from the islands. Our sweet neighbor, Ginny, turned on the heat last night when she brought Maggie in for the when we got home at 1 am, the house wasn't ice cold. ♥
  2. Funniest note on the counter? From the Merry Maids... "Right when we got here, your neighbor came by to say the cows were out! Eeeek! We would chase them back into their home, but we lack the herding instinct."
  3. Loving settling in back at home. Rainy, windy, cozy. So glad to be home for the rest of the year. Getting unpacked. A monster trip to Costco today for the upcoming week.
  4. Thomas finally cut his third tooth tonight. Thank the good Lord. Last night's five and a half hour flight was among the longest (figuratively and literally) and loudest that Thomas has ever had. And it was loud because he let everyone know that his gums were throbbing. Everyone from first class to the back row. We had a little baby Orajel last night on hand. His gums swelled up this morning and it was a big relief to see them break open after his bath.
  5. Excited for the Ski Soup Swap next week. Finishing up my soup batches tomorrow morning. Perfect weather for a hot bowl of soup! And yea for having more time in December and less in the kitchen!
  6. Finished designing our Christmas card and sent it off for printing. Did a different style this year - I'm loving long and skinny designs. I already have the envelopes in I'll begin addressing during a Christmas Vacation marathon next weekend. Can't wait to see how they turn out!
  7. Finishing up the 2009 Christmas Mix...can't wait to have it done and burned. I'll give one away on December 1st. :) Speaking of giveaways...there will even be a Hawaiian treats giveaway next Monday!


Unknown said...

Oh! I LOVE the new picture on your home page. That turkey costume is so darn cute!

shelley said...

Thanks! :)

Can't beat the 50% off sale on Halloween costumes + 15% off coupon!

Anonymous said...

Did you really dress your son up as a turkey!??!! Oh no- you may be getting grief for that once he's a teenager & from then on... Lindsay :)

KCina said...

Thomas is the CUTEST little turkey EVER! Gobble, gobble!

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