Monday, November 16, 2009

And about those cobbler's kids...

It's almost as if Karen Russell was on the beach with us this morning. I was reading her blog post right after finishing our fam's photo shoot and couldn't stop laughing. This definitely could have been my parents and husband today!

The old saying about the cobbler's children having no shoes...definitely applies to photographers and their families. Trying to get everyone out the door in coordinating (not matching!!) clothes this morning before the sun came up over Kaanapali was a miracle in and of itself.

Thinking that Dad was busy getting ready all morning, only to find out he'd been playing on the computer while we were all waiting for him...I decided to head down early while Thomas was still in good spirits. I also explained to Dad that one doesn't wear competing Hawaiian floral patterns at the same time. Jonathan headed back to change into beach shoes, and I waited at the elevator. Mom had been ready to go all morning, and she waited for Dad...who changed out of the great looking shirt into a clashing shirt with his obnoxious shorts.

My husband, knowing this may just set me off the edge to Alohacrazytown, ran ahead to the elevator not to warn me, but to see my reaction when Dad came around the corner.

Then came the prerequisite whining, then the "I don't want to get dirty in the sand!", and the "are we done yet?"

Never mind the whole thing lasted 20ish minutes start to finish.

Best part?

Just before the photo above, right near the end of the shoot, when we realized that Mom's dress had been on backwards all. morning. long.

That's my family.

Right there in a nutshell.

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Theresa Brown said...

WOW Shelley!!! Next time I think one of our photo shoots isn't going "as planned" I'll think of this post! LOL! :)

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