Thursday, November 12, 2009

12 of 12: The Really Boring Day

The 12 of 12...of a day that was busy, but very boring. The highlight? Swim class. No photos though, because I forgot the camera at home.

Finished a whirlwind week of 3 photo shoots in a 24 hour period, 400 miles driven (250 just yesterday), packing, seven loads of laundry today (packing, changing clothes over to the next season), unloading shipments from UPS for Finian Road, and cleaning. A lot of cleaning. Getting ready for the next season.

Not all that exciting, but needed to get done. Now, if the 12th were tomorrow...that'd be a different story! :) Maybe I should do a bonus 13 of 13 tomorrow...

Anyway, 12 shots from our Really Boring Day.

The mantel with Santa Thomas • 11:40 am
Taupe walls! Yea! The changeover is next Christmas, I hope to have the entire mantel rebuilt and bigger. But for now - this is definitely progress. I love Santa Thomas's smile - there's nothing else Christmas yet up there, but it's a start. And it freaks Thomas out because it's so big.

I Like Apple Cinnamon Wagon Wheels • 1:42 pm

I Do Not Want to Take a Nap • 3:34 pm
Reminds me of the mini tornado from the cartoons when we were little. Was that the road runner that did that?

Getting Ready to Clean the Eglu • 3:46 pm
Not a fan of cleaning up after the little bastards who have yet to lay any eggs. NOT A FAN AT ALL. Peanut, Butter and Jelly better get on that, or we will be having chicken sandwiches throughout December.

Peanut, Butter and Jelly • 4:00 pm
Lay some eggs, you lazy animals.

Little Thomas on the Prowl • 5:28 pm

You May Have a Giant Head, But I'm Taller • 5:28 pm

Papa Taught Me to Hulk Smash, So I Am • 5:28 pm
Thomas really didn't like the larger than life 2D version of himself. It was pretty funny because then he hit his 2D self so hard that the photo fell over on him. It was awesome. Seriously annoyed that I had my big camera because it didn't have the video option on it. This is right when it's beginning to fall.

Orchids. Remind me of the islands. • 5:40 pm

Cheerios. • 5:50 pm
I swear, these things are everywhere in the house now. If Viper were still around, she would be in Cheerio heaven.

Running Water From The Showerhead • 6:28 pm
Pretty exciting when you are 10 months old. He loves his baths. Loves them.

Splish Splash • 6:45 pm
I bet Ozzy Osbourne bit the heads off chicken bath toys as a child. No wait, I bet he didn't. Because I don't want The Wee Ski to bite the heads off frogs when he's older.

See? A glimpse into our very boring day. :)


KCina said...

Love the giant Wee Ski Santa .... and the modesty patch too...even your "boring days" are fun, you know they are! ;-)

Nancy E said...

The face --- i love the face..... (Shelley) --- and the giant Thomas -- what a great idea! :)

Bec said...

That big picture on the mantle looks great! I love your wood-burning stove (I think that's what it's called).

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