Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sweet Halloween Goodness

They are not Bakerella-decorated quality yet, but I'll take 'em!

Things I learned in my first ever round of making cake balls:
  • Do not make cake balls while hungry.
  • You need to make the balls ahead of time, and chill them. I chilled overnight in the fridge, but popping them in the freezer for a bit helped significantly.
  • They are messy.
  • Do not combine making cake balls + feeding the child. You will tear your hair out at the mess.
  • Do not make cake balls while hungry.
  • Do not expect perfection on the first round. There is a steep learning curve for insane Bakerella style prettiness.
  • And you really shouldn't make cake balls while hungry. Cake + frosting + candy shell = heaven.
Good stuff:


Bec said...

Those cake balls are always a big hit!
What did you use for your black coating? I'm hosting a black-red-and-silver themed baby shower in Jan. and I wanted to do Red Velvet cake balls, but was thinking I'd have to do white coating, since the chocolate would be brown and clash with my color scheme!

Danielle Hawes said...

I have tried making these too, but I had the hardest time dipping them, what did you do?

shelley said...

For the black coating, I used the Halloween edition of the Black Candy Melts (found here: You could definitely use Red Velvet Cake Mix for the cake -- and mix with cream cheese frosting. It would stay a deep red, as the frosting essentially turns the color of the cake. I used white vanilla frosting in mine, and you couldn't see any white once it was mixed. You could use red or white candy melts too!

I had a really hard time at first. I googled "tips" and found these which really helped...
Freeze before covering. I had them in the fridge overnight, but it didn't get them firm enough because they would crumble when I tried to shake off the excess coating.
Use a lollipop stick to dip. I just dunked it in the deep cup (not a shallow bowl) and rotated it gently like a joystick to cover. Then let the excess slide off.
Add a bit of shortening to the candy melts - it makes it easier to work with. I think I added a tsp or so.
Hope that helps! :)

Anonymous said...

Now I want cake... I love cake!!! What a fun idea- little balls of cake; does it get any better??? Lindsay

shelley said...

Linds - you would love them. They are so addictive. The cake ball itself is made of just cake + frosting (to make it denser) and then dipped in candy coating. Doesn't get much better than that!!

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