Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Snuggly Sunday.

  • We slept in until 8 a.m. All of us. This is a miracle.
  • We went to Mass and braved the typical toxic zone for the flu. Thankfully, there were very few coughers and sneezers present. Screamers? Were there screamers present? At the end of Mass? Quite possibly. And the screamer's name might have been Thomas.
  • Had an awesome shoot - braving through the rain - and a sneak peek will be up in the morning on Finian Road. So ridiculously hard to choose my faves! There's something about fun kids + great parents that makes my job so easy.
  • Came home to the sight above. Thomas was taking his early afternoon nap when I left. When I drove down the driveway, his sixth-Mommy-sense must have kicked in, because he yelled until Jonathan went to get him. And then they took a nap on the sofa until I got home a few hours later.
  • We all had a big weekend. Both boys are asleep right now. Me? Wide awake. Loving the quiet + the productivity that I'm finding late tonight.
  • Looking forward to making cake pops or cake balls this week. How can Halloween almost be here?
  • Also looking forward to a date night with Jonathan on Halloween. Heck, Thomas is too young to get the trick-or-treating part of it, so he'll still dress up, but he'll be hanging with Grandma and Grandpa. The two of us? We're heading to dinner and a movie. I'm hoping for Zombieland. Jonathan thinks I'm kidding. I am not. Anyone seen it yet?
  • Surprised Jonathan with Cowboy Pizza from Papa Murphy's. He was happy.
  • Lots ahead this week - vaccines for the Wee Ski, dentist for me, swimming, projects, 2 shoots, and cleaning out my office.
  • Life is good.

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