Thursday, October 15, 2009

My lil' swimmer

Today marks the completion of Thomas's first session of swimming lessons. He is in the Shrimp/Kipper track at the Briggs YMCA, where we go each Tuesday and Thursday morning. There are a few other moms and a few dads that bring their wee ones to learn to swim.

He is a little fish. His instructor, Chelsea, is so good with the kids. We sing a lot of songs - the "people in the pool" is his favorite. Like "the wheels on the bus", except he gets to splash as much as he wants. He would spend the whole class splashing if he could. It's like a giant bathtub. He learning how to float on his back, how to climb out of the pool (modified for a 9 month old), how to jump back in without fear (just like Humpty Dumpty does), and how to swim underwater for a few feet while holding his breath. It's mainly to help him be comfortable around the water.

We learned the other night that climbing out of the pool has taught him how to climb steps, as we watched him climb up Meegan's stairs. But since there was no water to jump back into, he waited for us to get him.

But today's class was very different.

Today, I was "that mom".

You know, the mom who causes the scene?

The lifeguard took Chelsea to the other side of the pool during class to let her know there had been an "incident". Chelsea came back and explained that they were on poopy alert (wow, I swore that word would never make it onto this blog) because someone had gone #2.

And they began the diaper checks.

Thomas did not pass with flying colors.

I got to learn what it was like to be the mom of the child who pooped during swimming class.

Humility, thy name is Shelley.

Thankfully, the lifeguard had caught it quickly when Thomas was sitting on the side of the pool, so there was no 'floaters' to mess up the pool. (That was my big fear: clearing everyone from the Y so they could drain the pool and I would forever be known as the Poop Mom). The lifeguard cleaned the area down with the hazardous waste cleaner, and I had the privilege of learning how to change a messy swim diaper.

I am positive that I burned off some time in purgatory.

When we came back to class, everyone was laughing with us, not at us. No one wants to be "that mom", and they got to experience it vicariously through me.

As for Thomas? He was splashing away, thrilled to be back in the pool.

Pretty sure he had no idea what just happened.

But he's ready to go next Tuesday for his next five-week session.

I may need a lemon drop before then.


Unknown said...

Wow, do they really have to drain the entire pool if that happens? I thought they had to close the pool and then hit it with all sorts of chemicals to neutralize any unplesantries and then could reopen the next day. WOW.
I took infant swimming classes with Sam when he was four months old. It was amazing. I am convinced that is why he loves the water so much now and always has.
Enjoy that sweet baby boy! I love your updates and Thomas' tweets!

shelley said...

No -- they don't have to drain it. They assured me of that. Even if it was bad...I kept asking, "but people don't have to run, do they?" They just laughed at me. Apparently, we're not the first people this has happened to!! :)

Anonymous said...

you mean a lemon drop martini? Pam

Jenn & Noah said...

oh seriously, you have noah and i cracking up right now!! that is too funny! (we are laughing WITH you, not AT you! hehe). =)

shelley said...

Pam, you crack me up! Yes, absolutely, a lemon drop martini!! :)

And I'm so glad you're laughing with me, Jenn, though you would have definitely be laughing AT me and my shocked face!!

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