Monday, October 12, 2009

12 of 12: The Thomas-centric Edition

When we woke up and Thomas had a low-grade fever, plans changed for the day. Lots of nursing (for him) and sleep lay ahead for both of us.

I had been up working since about 4 am, so I crawled back into bed with him at 6:45, and we slept until 9 am. I honestly don't remember the last time I did that. It was heavenly.

And that is where we begin, on this 12th day of the month. Here is today, in 12 photos, just after we got up.

Bed Head • 9:04 am
Poor child, cursed with my curly hair.

In his jumperoo • 9:28 am
This is the place you'll find the Wee Ski in the morning while I'm doing outside chores (feeding the animals, letting the chickens out, watering plants & herbs). Oh wait - there's no bookcase behind him! And that's a new wall color! That is change I can believe in.

Done with Nap #1 • 11:36 am
And ready to rock & roll. See those raccoons behind him? Those are painted on the wall. It's a sweet looking room. Ready to be unveiled this week, right here on the blog.

Dirty Chickens Eat Mud • 11:45 am
I wish they'd lay me some eggs. Now. I fear if it doesn't begin soon, it will be spring again before they begin laying, when it's warmer. And yes, it's obvious we have a mole problem. However, we also have a grass-growing problem, so it doesn't bother me as much.

Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies • 12:25 pm
Fresh outta the oven. Mmmmm.

Candy Corn • 1:34 pm
Refilled for the husband.

On the road again. • 4:10 pm
Heading north for a cut and color for me, cut for the Wee Ski.

At Bank of America. • 5:00 pm
Evidently, he did not like me driving over speed bumps and was crabby when he woke up.

A snippet of my life • 5:25 pm
Blackberry ready for our Training Task Force call at 5:30 pm, extra diapers, wallet, and baby sling.

Paige and Thomas • 6:09 pm
Thomas showing off his yanking skills. So far, nobody has pulled his hair when he's pulled theirs. No one, except for his mommy. And he doesn't pull his mommy's hair too often anymore. Coincidence? I think not.

Ready for Haircut #4. • 6:38 pm
Meegan is an angel with him. I can't believe he's only 9 months old and is on his 4th haircut. For the love, child. He almost didn't let us cut the back...which struck the fear of a mullet in Mommy's mind. We made sure the back got cut.

All done! • 6:55 pm
Onto my color and more gray for me! Oh, the trials of being 32...

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Bec said...

Your little guy is adorable! And so is that candy dish!

Uncle Mike said...

Nice trim for the little man!

Unknown said...

Your 12 of 12 posts might be some of my favorites. I love these ones particularly. Totally can relate! Can't wait to see the fresh paint at the Ski ranch. John will love the raccoons. ; ) Daniel can't wait to see his BFF again soon.

Dogeared said...

He's such a cutie Wee Ski! I loved the curls, but the smart new cut looks great too.

Scooter said...

Beautiful pictures!!! Thanks for sharing your day with us!

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