Thursday, September 17, 2009

Small Successes and Thankful Thursdays • Vol. 21

I'm bringing Small Successes back, yeah. After a long hiatus, I've got a few good successes under my belt. Why not share them? Small Successes are celebrated over at Faith and Family Live for this reason: it’s important for moms to recognize that all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph.

I had the funniest voice mail today that said something along the lines of "I've been keeping up on you by reading your blog, and just wanted to tell you that I'm glad to hear you locked the dog and the Wee Ski in the car. Reminds me you're not perfect." Sister Debbie, you made my day! And if anyone ever wants to be reminded of the many ways I'm not perfect, I'll give you Jonathan's cell number. He'd be glad to fill you in. :) Hopefully, you will have some rollover minutes because it could be a long call.

So for my successes this week...
  1. I have powered through in the restoration of my hard drives. After leaving Merrill, three days later, my hard drives wouldn't power up. It's quite different being self-employed when that happens. At ML, I would call our workstation help desk, where some magical angel from the east coast would login directly to my workstation, takeover my mouse, click a few times, and clear things up immediately. Being self-employed, I spent several agonizing hours on the phone with Dell (where I wondered - why is it I pay for priority on-site next day service, and they are telling me I get to install my own hardware?), and took the whole thing into Olympia Computer Central to work their magic. 10 days later, I have everything up and running, but I'm on my 20th hour of reinstalling programs and replacing lost links. I think it's funny that St. Isidore has been rumored to be patron saints of both farmers and the internet - which seemed to come in pretty handy. And thank God for dual hard drives which back everything up twice.
  2. I've started creating my master FlyLady control journal. It will help keep me sane as I start the major projects of working through the rooms in our home. A few pages/shelves at a time.
  3. I've been more present to Jonathan. Especially when he comes home. Thomas and I either have dinner ready or make time to hang out and play when he comes home. It's so different, and so much fun.
The things I'm thankful for this week...
  • My mom, who was such a superstar with Thomas in Tucson. He loves his grandma. And she loves him.
  • Twitter and Facebook, which are both addictive, fun and evil all at the same time. Time suck!
  • For the incredible experiences that I have the chance to be part of through Relay For Life.
  • My son, who eats everything I give him. Well, nearly everything. Not so much a fan of purple cauliflower. See below.

Wanted to add a little Relay flavor to Thomas's purple cauliflower it is! Steamed and pureed...he kept reaching into his mouth to pull it out. Equal parts funny + irritating. :)

So I got the camera out. And a lecture from Jonathan on when to shoot and when to parent. Still glad I got these photos though.


The Lindermans said...

Hey Shelly! It's Heather (Johnson - now Linderman) - Chad Johnson's little sis from PLU! My dad told me about your blog (I think Mike shared it with him) - so I have been on here now and then watching your little man grow. You are an amazing blogger and elecronic scrapbooker! We have a blog, but I'm not too good about posting. I would LOVE to learn more about electronic scrapbooking....but I just wanted to say how funny this post was to me because I do the same thing with our baby. She starts crying/getting very unhappy and I grab the camera and my hubby gets mad. :) Anything for a good pic! You look fabulous and your son is adorable!!

ViolinMama said...

GREAT list! Welcome back. I've missed our little connections. Congrats on the great successes! Love #3, and chuckled at #1. I'm glad I'm married to my own helpdesk :)

Love the pics and always think you are awesome, even if you are imperfect ;)

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