Monday, September 21, 2009

The BFFs: Thomas and Daniel

Thomas and Daniel had a late summer playdate, complete with crazy sunshine and heat! We walked the Chambers Bay trail, and played in the grass afterwards. Though Thomas is a few weeks older than Daniel, he's now smaller. Smaller, but evidently, more of a bruiser. My tough little kid.

Brought along my incredibly fantastically amazing new Canon 85mm 1.2L lens (thank you, Dad!) to break it in a bit before the rush of fall shoots hits. Why not break it in on two little buddies? And for the record, it shoots like buttah. There was very little post-processing done (really, only a sharpen) and I love shooting with it. Love it. LOVE it. But I digress. Back to the wee ones.

Thomas, in his stroller, greeting the world

Our playdate friends, Daniel and mama Kate

Thomas, chomping on his hand. Big surprise, there. Why buy toys?

After the walk, chilling in the grass. Daniel was not a fan of the grass.

Thomas decided there were greener pastures to find, so he headed out on the grass. Found the stroller. Looked for a nipple. Found what he was looking for in the stroller tire.

Wait, did I just say nipple?

Whooosh. {Crickets.} That's the sound of all of Life on the Farm's male readers disappearing.

Then for the fun stuff...Thomas, going to greet his buddy. No wait, to pull his hair. Then to climb on him and try to knock him over. Separated when Mommy reached in and pulled him off by his shirt.

So fun to see our friends...and to have the boys close to the same age. We pondered when future Baby Q will join the mix -- better to have a boy to play with Thomas and Daniel? Or a girl for them to woo? Time will tell! :)


Elizabeth Ann said...

Maybe if you got the chld some toys he wouldn't need to chew on his hand and stroller tires.....

shelley said...

Heh heh so funny!! See the toy Daniel was holding? That was Thomas's, and he was SHARING! :)

Sandra said...

Shelley, you are so so sweet! The Q's can't wait until God has blessed them with a baby! No matter what, Thomas and Daniel will be awesome BFF's and since they are older will hopefully be wiser and show Baby Q the ways of life as a baby.

Keana C. said...

Did you do the trail by Chambers Bay golf course?
My mom and I always walk their in the summer. Did you walk up and down the big hill? =)

shelley said...

Heh heh!! We saw that big hill, thought to ourselves, "Wow, if we walk down it, we will have to walk back up it, pushing strollers."

And we continued past it on our merry way. :)

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