Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday Quick Takes • The Holiday Weekend Edition

Another short and sweet, but somewhat random post. Perfect for 7 Quick Takes!
  1. Today is the feast day of St. Thomas.
    Jonathan, Thomas and I went to Mass this morning together to celebrate. Father Terence said a special prayer for "all those named Thomas" - so we offered a prayer for the Wee Ski and his grandpa Tom as well.
  2. The story of T. Diddy.
    Jonathan calls Thomas "T. Diddy" occasionally. When I asked him what it meant, he rolled his eyes at me. "Don't you read the Bible?" So today during the Gospel, I got a swift elbow in the ribs, "Thomas, also called Didymus"...and Jonathan grinned. "T. Diddy."
    And Thomas grinned back at him.
  3. Jonathan and I are down 22 pounds together.
    11 pounds each. I caught up to him. But we're not competitive, right? :)
  4. The SKC Family Picnic is less than a month away!
    I've been pulling together the flyer to drop in the mail this week to everyone...this is the 60th year in a row that the Sprouffskes, Kuffels and Coffels have gotten together for the family picnic. We've got a good chance of winning the youngest child award this year - since Kealani is now a year old!
  5. I love living in a small town.
    Stopped by the fireworks stand on the way home to see the Rossmaiers, had a visit from Kris and Rhonda from the fire department today, and ran into an old core team member from LifeTeen at St. Vinnie's last week at St. Columban. We're planning on Relaying with the SE Thurston Fire & EMS team next Friday night at the SE Thurston Relay.
  6. Baby clothes sizes are annoying.
    How can Thomas wear clothing - from the same company - that fits him in size 0-3 months, 3-6 months, and 6-12 months - all at the same time?!?
  7. I keep watching this video of my dad.
    My dad, if you don't know him, is somewhat (in)famous for laughing at his own jokes, especially if they are at his own expense. I've been known to follow in his footsteps on rare occasion - where he's laughing so hard before telling the joke that he can't even get it out. His joke isn't on this - because I started taping a full ten seconds after he said it. (For the record, he was making fun of Mom who went to bed during the Tornado Warning for Alamakee County in Iowa - where we were while the winds were going wild and the lightning crashing all over) - and she said there wasn't anything big going on.

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