Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Celebrating Five Months

Finally. I haven't scrapped in ages because I've been up to my digital eyeballs in photo editing for Finian I pulled these together quickly when I took a break from photos. And since his six month birthday is one week time like the present!

Things that make this simple...
  • Blog posts. To remember what I've already forgotten a few weeks later. If that isn't the best reason to write stuff down - be it through blogging, Facebook, twitter, whatever - I don't know what is.
  • How I organize my photos. I store all of my images by year, by month, and organized by chronological date. It's really helpful when I am looking for something that happened, say, last month. :)

Even with the blog posts, his letter this month is much shorter simply because I have less retained in my memory and I want it to be real...and you better believe I'll be writing his six month letter on the 8th in July!

The framework, like the other letters, uses Ali Edwards' Grid No. 2 Layered Templates, the Bread + Butter Template Set, and the Story of Today overlays. I also used her Loving Life Word Art photoshop brushes. For this month's papers, I used an old kit from Christy Lyle at Sweet Shoppe Designs called Poshy Posh: Ice Pop - but I don't think it's available anymore.

Clicking on the pages will take you to his whole first year book. :)


KCina said...

Love it!!! You are gonna be SO happy you did this each month...I'm just lucky to have blog updates here and there for Charlie! ;-)

ViolinMama said...

WOW, as always, this is soooo gorgeous!!! Shelley, you have such a talent. To capture life with words AND pictures...STUNNING. What a treasure you both will have.

Have I said lately how much you rock. I'm proud of you on so many levels, and I pray everyday day that more and more people see it, and appreciate it.

Have a great one!

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