Monday, July 13, 2009

12 of 12: The "On Holiday" Edition

Coming to you live from Lake Chelan...where one of my first adventures involved falling into the lake with my clothes on. And nothing to drink ahead of time.

In the 90s on Saturday, more overcast Sunday with hints of sunshine. Good weather ahead for the week we will be here.

A collection of 12 photos from the 12th - yesterday - of our day. Pretty low key. Love that.

Thomas and Uncle Mike • 6:59 am
Chilling on the deck, where it was already above 70°

The Fam Before Mass • 9:08 am

Never mind that I was wrong about the time Mass wasn't 9:30 am so much as it was 9:00 am. And all the other Masses that day had already been in Spanish. We got there just in time for the offertory.

Leftover Broccoli Salad • 11:15 am
Good stuff from dinner on Saturday night. Broc, turkey bacon, red onion, sunflower kernels, and a dressing of mayo w/olive oil, apple cider vinegar and splenda.

Thomas and Grandpa • 11:26 am
Just before Thomas's lunch. Hanging out in the TV room.

Sweet Potato Goodness • 12:15 pm

Thomas, stripped down to his diaper, can be as messy as he wants.

Happy Shelley • 2:08 pm

The Wee Ski is down for a nap, and I am in the sun ready to go in the lake. Goodness.

The House • 1:08 pm

That we are renting for the week. It's up on a bluff, so it has incredible views with a good get-your-heart-rate-up-walk when you're coming up from the dock.

Mom • 2:08 pm

Happy as a clam. Except there are no clams in Lake Chelan. So happy as a clam back in the Puget Sound but here in Chelan.

Thomas's First Venture into the Pool • 2:42 pm

Not real crazy about first. Notice the arching back to prevent him from sitting down.

You Suck, Mom • 3:08 pm

Guess what. I am filling my swim pants for you. Have fun with that. Don't make me get into a cold pool again.

Uncle Mike, Cliff Diver • 3:10 pm

After reading the disclaimers about not jumping.

Snuggling In After the Sun • 3:47 pm
Ready for a nap. So are we.


Sam E. said...

Awesome pictures! I loved all the smiling and cliff diving!

Dogeared said...

That "filling my diaper" photo is so funny! And the house looks gorgeous - I could really do with a trip away somewhere like that!

Sorry I'm late, been a bit busy [doh]

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