Monday, June 8, 2009

Of chickens, spouses and awful narration

A little bit of random from over the weekend...

Lots going on...a newborn shoot (yea!), a good chunk of hours editing past shoots, a bridal shower (yea Lindsay!), Mass at St. Columban, reorganizing the living room (yea Jonathan!), grilled steak dinner on the farm with Fr. Raftis, the Sheltons and my parents with the Skii Wii and SceneIt Movies, and the first few days of Thomas sleeping in his crib in his room.

For a little sneak peek into nothing that had to do with any of the above...

Thomas's new tent. For our trip to Iowa next week. We consider it the pack & play for flying (goes down to 16x16x8 for the suitcase!). He's spending a little time in it each day to help him adjust, so when we get to the midwest, he's comfortable and will go down in it for naps and night night.

A little playtime on the deck. Like mother, like son.

Yup, he's pulling open the shirt. He can only get away with that at five months old, otherwise he'll be grounded until he's 50.

And the demon chickens. They are getting so big - almost ready to be out in the Eglu. I wish they'd been ready yesterday.

My husband thought it would be really funny to not tell me that I wasn't holding Butter correctly...because when you hold him like I'm holding him, this happens:

...and then, chicken poop. Nice. Thanks, Jonathan.

And how to tell I'm now official on the farm? My own emergency medical assistance card from the NRA. Not listed by my name, mind you, but "spouse of Jonathan Sprouffske".

And this proves that simply because my digital camera can take videos, it doesn't mean that I should narrate them. So this is really more for my family in Iowa to see how Thomas is doing, and for people who want to hear how truly bad I am.

Because I promise you, if you watch it, you can't get the 2 minutes, 20 seconds back. Ever. And I give no refunds. :)

And, yes, the video does close with "peace out from the farm!"


KCina said...

Great video probably best you didn't show us the demon chickens live...they did enough damage while you were holding them in the still shots!

Keana C. said...

cute pictures of Thomas!
You know when I took Joey on vacations as a tiny guy I would line a drawer with some blankets and a mini pad and have him sleep him that. But your tent idea is brilliant as well. I never would have thought of that!

Unknown said...

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