Friday, June 5, 2009

My Eight

...a special thanks to Karen, for getting me out of my non-blogging funk! :)

Not only is she one of my favorite technogeeks from the Relay For Life's national business unit, but she is an incredibly talented digi-scrapper. And she adopted two sweet little boys...I ♥ her.

A quick little eight list...

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To
  1. Relay For Life - both in Tacoma for the 25th Anniversary next weekend, and in Thurston for the 20th Anniversary on the last weekend in June.
  2. Lake Chelan with the whole fam (Mom & Dad, Jonathan & Thomas, Mike, Kristine and Avila) in July.
  3. When the heat subsides a bit. 95° was too much for me. At least without a pool.
  4. Painting the living room.
  5. Fresh eggs from the demon chickens.
  6. My first tomatoes ever - roma and red pear.
  7. Finally picking up Thomas's crib and moving it to his room.
  8. The final season of Lost.
8 Things I Did Yesterday
  1. Almost cried over spilled milk. Breast milk, that is. Learned a valuable lesson about being distracted after pumping without the bottles attached (I swear, only me) and was very thankful I was wearing all black...since I spent 1 minute, 9 seconds pumping onto my lap. God love the digital timer on the new pump!
  2. Shared a blizzard with my fabulous husband who called after the fire meeting to see if I wanted one.
  3. Actually thought the crazy windstorm was dust kicked up from Maggie getting into a fight.
  4. Slept in until 4:20 a.m.
  5. Hurried like mad to be out the door with the Wee Ski by 5 am.
  6. Ordered a nursing dress that will get me through this summer's wedding season with the Wee Ski.
  7. Reserved a full-size SUV for the 6 of us heading back to Iowa in two weeks. We will be road tripping from Minneapolis to Waukon, Iowa and over to LaCrosse to check out the cathedral then back to Minneapolis for a wedding. I love that Thomas will have been to Iowa twice before he turns 6 months old. Family rocks.
  8. Uploaded some of my favorite pics from 2003-2008 Relays in Tacoma to be included in the 25th Anniversary slideshow at this year's Relay in Tacoma.
8 Things I Wish I Could Do
  1. Tile the backsplash in the kitchen.
  2. Give up multitasking.
  3. Bake a cheesecake without it turning into a mess.
  4. Get my office at home cleaned out and organized.
  5. Say no more often.
  6. Build a pool into the hillside just between our home and the tree fields. See #3 above.
  7. Be in two places at once.
  8. Keep my kitchen counter cleared off.
8 Shows I Watch
  1. Lost - see #8 above.
  2. NCIS.
  3. Grey's Anatomy.
  4. The Unit. Very sad to see it cancelled.
  5. The new 90210.
  6. Saved By The Bell (big suprise).
  7. Friday Night Lights.
  8. Boston Legal. Though the last season was lame.

I'll tag...Liz, Stella, Kate, Kristine, Samantha, and Kathy!


Karen said...

I had to laugh at the "slept in till 4:20 a.m.!" Sounds like our house. I wish I could be in Tacoma next week. We Relay tomorrow!

Tanya said...

can't wait to see you & Wee Ski next week at Relay!! :)

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