Thursday, June 11, 2009

A long night

After a surprise thunderstorm last night, Viper is missing.  It's 10 hours later, and she's nowhere to be found. 
We've gone through the tree fields and down Finian a number of times, through the bushes and around the house. And no sign of her.  
Maggie paced the house most of the night, and Jonathan and I slept with the windows open so we could hear her if she came home.

She hates thunder and lightning, and we're hoping that she's hidden from the coyotes.  It's definitely not been an easy transition for her with Thomas at home since she used to be the 'baby' of the family...and it feels very quiet and lonely here this morning.  

As this blog used to be titled "Viper's World", it's safe to say that we are very sad right now.

If you live near us, please keep your eyes open for her.  If not, please say a little prayer for her to return home safely.


Elizabeth Ann said...

Oh Shelley! I am still saying prayers for her to make it home safely!

samantha said...

OH NO! We're praying for her right now!

I'm going to post this on Twitter in case other people live in the area.

samantha said...

I posted it:

Hope it helps!


Anonymous said...

This makes me sad- saying prayers... Lindsay

ViolinMama said...

I'm praying and praying for her preciousness! Please keep us informed!

I'm so sad, and still hopeful too.

Many hugs and love!

jennifer said...

Some advice from twitter: go to & post to craigslist

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry, and I'll be keeping you guys and Viper in my prayers. Paige has told me all about Viper and how much she loves you guys.

Kristen in TX

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