Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Quick Takes • A Special Edition

I don't normally blog under the 7 Quick Takes, but I'm in a short and sweet kind of mood. :)
  1. Thomas is taking his second nap of the day in his pack & his own room! The room's not completely empty yet, but it's finally adding the stability to his nap schedules to make things flow so much better during the day!
  2. ...which is awesome because we both slept terribly last night. Jonathan laughs at me because I am currently spooked by what I think is a ghost on the deck at night (but in reality, is a reflection from the LED nightlight in the room, that only shows when I turn off all the kitchen lights for the night). And when you wake up to nurse in the middle of the night, sometimes it takes a few moments to remind yourself that it is a reflection and not a ghost. He had CLE classes today in Seattle, so he stayed up north last night. Since the Wee Ski and I were on our own, we may have left the house pretty illuminated last night. Probably so lit up you could see it from space. And surprisingly, it didn't help me sleep. Asking the Holy Spirit to knock the ghost's lights out in my imagination did help, but not until I prayed that particular prayer around 4 am.
  3. The baby chicks are growing like mad. Peanut is getting super tall for being just a few days older, and they all have feathers sprouting out from their wings. Viper almost chased one down last night when I let him run free on the kitchen tile.
  4. The vet has Maggie on a 'clean out the system' diet, and lots of good stuff to help her heal and recover. We're hoping she feels like a brand new dog in a month or so...and are so glad we called Dr. Preston. This is why I'm beginning to love living in a small town: she left Maggie's prescriptions at the pet store in Tenino, so I could pick them up early this morning instead of her having them sent to me.
  5. God wanted me to disconnect a bit. How do I know? A few days ago, my blackberry stopped scrolling up. And anyone who uses a blackberry knows how often you scroll up, and that you are essentially immobilized when you can't scroll up. I offered it up for a few days, and Jonathan exchanged it for a new one last night at the Verizon store. Yea for handset insurance! The time off from the crackberry was good - it helped me find peace + quiet again.
  6. We have an incredibly beautiful afternoon out here on the farm. Sunshine, warmth, birds going wild. Jonathan is bringing home my most favorite meal in the world to have after he gets home from a long day of CLEs + bar dinner. I cleaned out a bunch of stuff on the deck, cleaned out the car, working on the living room.
  7. So looking forward to Liz's graduation and celebration on Sunday. Yea for her for finishing her doctorate in physical therapy!

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ViolinMama said...

Hey Girlie! Loved your 7. I too have worried about ghosts in my house - the tired mind can do that to you. I love the feeling of living in a small town too. I don't live in one exactly, but the area I live has that feel and once was a small farm town years ago.

Thanks for the little windows into your life. Live sounds GOOD!

Much love!

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