Sunday, April 26, 2009

Taking it back...old school is good when all roads lead to Cloverleaf.

After shooting some sweet peeps from last weekend's rescheduling, Thomas had his first road trip to Cloverleaf Pizza. I swear, no pizza is as good as Cloverleaf's. Well, maybe Pizza and Pipes, but they burned down. So it's Cloverleaf.

But I digress.

It had been ages since I'd been it was so much fun to hang out and catch up. I think it was one of my most impromptu evenings since Thomas was born!

Speaking of births...Crystal had her little one, Angelica Rose, last week. When she transitioned home with Angelica from the hospital, Ed brought the boys down to our house for some male bonding over the weekend. They camped out in the back woods on our farm. Jonathan spent the evenings out there with the guys, and came home with the funniest stories about little Eddie and Sam.

I can't wait for Thomas to meet Angelica!

So while the boys were on the farm, we were self-portraiting.

Did you know it's possible for a three month old child to scream all the way from Lacey to Tacoma? And then scream for another 45 minutes at the Brownrices?

The running joke is now, "How many people does it take to calm Thomas down?"

Three. Sandy, Liz and Paige.

Welcome to the wonderful world of teething, child.

He crashed a little before I got back to the Brownrices, and slept soundly in his sling at Cloverleaf. I ♥ his hair when he wakes up from sleeping in the sling. How fuzzy is he?

{photo by Paige}

{both photos by Liz}

Do not let these sweet blue eyes deceive you. He's got a lot of power in his lungs! :)


Unknown said...

Oooh, the Cloverleaf. I live less than 10 minutes from there and haven't been in probably a year. Sounds yummy right now.

And I was wondering about Crystal! Congrats to her and her family! Love happy news. ...

And speaking of children with lungs, now I'm off to tend to the Wee DeWeese!

Elizabeth Ann said...

Love the shots! Maybe we can drag Kate and We DeWeese with us next time~!

Showalters said...

I feel your crying pain, Stephanie is teething too!

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