Thursday, April 30, 2009

Last chance!

Just one day left until the drawing!

Last year, with the first Shoot to Fight Cancer, we raised more than $1700 to benefit the American Cancer Society and their life-saving cancer research, education, cancer patient support, and advocacy.

There are 125 tickets available, for $25 each.

You have a good chance of winning a photo shoot with Finian Road (valued at $425) for you and your family.This year, we are adding a little bonus to the mix! The lucky winner will also receive a $100 gift certificate -- to the place of your choosing! Does Mom want a new outfit for the shoot? Choose your gift card from Nordstrom or J. Crew! Do you want your little ones to be dolled up? Choose your gift card from Gymboree or Old Navy! Does your husband need a little enticing to get him to the shoot? Choose a gift card from The Ram or Cabela's to persuade him. Wherever you'd like -- your choice!

The value of the total prize is $525 - and 100% of every ticket sold benefits the American Cancer Society.

Tickets are only available through 1 pm on May 1st - or as long as they last.

Here's how to get the tickets:
  • Go to our online website for the Relay For Life.
  • Click on the word "DONATE" near the top.
  • Enter the amount you wish to donate under "select gift amount": $100 buys you 4 tickets, $75 buys you three tickets, $50 buys you two tickets, and $25 buys you 1 ticket. And you can always buy more than 4!
  • Follow the prompts to complete your donation to the American Cancer Society.
  • We are so close to the drawing - so even though you won't have your ticket in hand by the drawing time, you will still have a ticket in the drawing itself. :)
  • Your donation is tax-deductible for 2009.

Thanks...and good luck!

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