Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Celebrating Three Months

Thomas turned three months old last week. It was also the last (paid) day of maternity leave, as well as the day that an offer on my house fell through when the buyer lost her financing. My husband knew that I was a little bummed, so he asked me what would make me happy.

I told him a mini shoot in the fields with a husband who will humor his wife in front of the camera. And he showed up right after work, ready to go. I ♥ him.

I am not finding much time to scrap right now, so the templates that I set up for the consistency of this book are really helpful. I wrote the letter bit by bit as Thomas would nurse throughout the day, and can't believe how proficent I've become at one-handed typing. My dad would love it. He's mastered the art of one-handed typing. Scratch that, one-finger typing.;

When I finished the letter, I emailed it from the laptop in the bedroom to my computer in my office, and started the layout today while Thomas was asleep.

The digital papers are from Mommy's Little Boy kit, by Mindy Terasawa, and the main template is adapted from Ali Edward's Grids No. 02. I saved several of Mindy's kits on my wishlist -- after finishing Thomas's entire first baby book in just one style, I'm excited to try new colors again. It's the little joys in life. :)

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ViolinMama said...

His book is INCREDIBLE (last post and this)!! It is ART. Words fail me, your pictures don't. What a blessing - his birth, his life, an amazing hunny, and your talent at words and pictures and desigh.

REALLY stunning. You should be PROUD. Keep sharing inspirational!

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