Sunday, April 12, 2009

12 of 12: The Easter Edition

I love that this month's 12 of 12 falls on Easter. A simple day for us -- Mass this morning, brunch with Mom and Dad down here on the farm, ending with a rainstorm and naps. We didn't do Easter baskets this year -- so we gave what we would have spent on Easter baskets to St. Columban. Thomas wouldn't understand them anyway at 3 months old. :)

You'll see how Jonathan and I celebrated below.

The 12 of 12 is Chad Darnell's brainchild: 12 snapshots of your day. You can see 12 of 12 collections from around the world at Chad's site here. I'm thinking of doing an album at the end of the year with all of our monthly 12 of 12's -- seeing how Thomas has grown and what we've done on ordinary days throughout the year.

Enough writing. Words are boring. 12 photos are where it's at.

7:58 am • Thomas Taco
This is where Thomas's nickname comes from. When he's all swaddled up for bed, he looks like a little burrito. But his name is Thomas, and Thomas Burrito isn't cute. Thomas Taco it is. Blurry photo and all, I love his smile in this. This is what we wake up to every day. His happy morning joy. And the SwaddleMe is the very best invention ever.

9:40 am • Happy Reester!
Reeses on Easter. Whoever decided to make giant Reeses has my undying adoration forever. See that? DOUBLE THE PEANUT BUTTER.

9:45 am • Thomas in his Easter outfit
Argyle and cream velour. Only with a newborn can I get away with this combo on a boy. He napped after getting dressed and slept until we got to St. Columban.

12:03 pm • The Bunny Crashes
On the way out of Mass. You can tell his is in a deep sleep because he is in his 'karate chop' mode with the hands. Even his bunny hat has flopped over with him. He's beat.

12:21 pm • Happy Easter-mas!
It's mid-April. Doesn't everyone still have Christmas decorations up? Why not hang red, white and blue ribbon off it for the 4th of July?

3:05 pm • The Possessed Singing Bunny
A gift from Grandma and Grandpa...which made Thomas scream like mad when he first saw it. He's not yet convinced it isn't pure evil. It sings, dances, and the ears flop up and down. It's hysterical, and it freaks out the dogs as well. This is a great gift for our house. :)

3:25 pm • Grandma and Grandpa
Proudly sporting his "I ♥ Grandma" sleeper.

5:19 pm • The buds outside, in the pouring rain
Crazy rain today. Raining so hard it looked like it was snowing.

5:26 pm • The Orchid
Mom brought this down for me became our centerpiece. So beautiful and it should last through the week! Thanks, Mom! ♥

5:50 pm • The Letters from Grandpapa Ski
Possibly the coolest find since Thomas was born. The other night, when cleaning out Jonathan's old room (soon to be Thomas's nursery), Jonathan found the letters that his dad had written before his death in 1996. It turned out I was one page short in Thomas's I'm going to create a "From Father to Son to Son" page with Larry's advice to his his son.

5:57 pm • Inspired by the bunny, the possessed dog
Viper, on one of her crazy runs through the house, moves faster than light.

6:15 pm • Happy Easter!
Could also be titled "Don't worry, I have an extra full diaper to pay you back for making me wear this dumb outfit."

Easter blessings to you!!


ViolinMama said...

LOVE THIS!!! HAHAHA That baby wins the cutest baby award for ALL TIME. Love your pictures, his cuteness, your humor, and a true vision of your day!!! Thanks for sharing. It was fantastic.

God Bless your week!!!!

Sunny Archibald said...

OMG, your baby is absolutely adorable. Thanks for sharing your day.

Dogeared said...

Such a funny 12th photo! I like the one around 3:25pm with his Grandparents too - lovely! And the raindrops on the branches too. Great photos!

Anonymous said...

Ok, this was all very adorable. I'm not really into other people's babies, but yours is too much!!

JCB said...

Your last picture totally cracks me up.

Anonymous said...

OMG, he is beyond adorable!

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